1. Somewhere in Switzerland

    Maybe, just maybe, we’ll be seeing each other again this year. 

    Happy New Year Everyone. :) 


  2. Still on my wish list. One country at a time.


  3. Where are they going? The sky is beautiful.


  4. Siargao: Daku Island

    This trip to Daku Island really means a lot to me and because of that I am so excited to share these photos with you. 

    It was such a beautiful day. We surfed and the waves were awesome (as a beginner, I really enjoyed as the waves were not too big and the rides were long!!) 

    After that, we had lunch on the island. Everything was so fresh that when I think about that meal I end up craving for it. 

    While swimming we saw these kids skim boarding. My friend pointed them out to me and these were the pictures I got. These pictures were taken with my iPhone. 

    And after all that, this happened to me. I won’t tell you what yet, but let’s just say that it made me so very happy. 

    And because I fell in love with Siargao there will definitely be more posts about it. Please bear with me. 


  5. Hanoi: Countryside

    I was so excited for this tour to the Scented Pagoda. The day before I felt sick and had to stay in the hotel while my parents went to Halong Bay. So I really insisted on taking this tour as I really wanted to see more of Hanoi. 

    Our tour started out with a bus ride, then we went on a boat which was being rowed by a very strong woman (she was rowing for what felt like an hour). Then a long hike walk up to the cable cars. 

    These are some of the interesting things I saw:

    These things are said to be good for the tummy as they can cleanse it. I was too scared to even touch them. But they were so fun to watch. 

    I don’t know how this is prepared. Is it a rat? 

    It was a very interesting walk up to the cable cars as I was able to see some Vietnamese handicrafts and some things that are part of the Vietnamese diet.

    I’m curious if we eat any of these things here in the Philippines too, maybe in the province? I wonder how they are cooked there. 

    The countryside was very pretty. I don’t know if I would recommend the scented Pagoda tour, but I do recommend seeing more of Hanoi. 

    Until the next trip! :) 


  6. Happy Tummy in My Kitchen

    The traffic was pretty bad that night and we were going somewhere far from the house. It was my parents’ wedding anniversary and my sister had planned a dinner for the whole family at “My Kitchen”.

    A restaurant, they said, where the food was so goodthat people had to make reservations to get in.

    The hotel that housed the restaurant did not look too nice. But the restaurant itself did not
    look bad at all. We met chef Chris who was so friendly, he welcomed us and showed us to
    our seats.
    My sister had ordered two panizzas, the ox tongue risotto, the slow cooked chicken (You
    have to order this a day before-it’s cooked that slow) and the lamb with lentils. 
    For dessert, we had the chocolate cake, creme brûlée and the cannelloni. 
    I loved the food so much that even if I never pose pictures of food here, I decided that I
    just had to pose these. 
    My Kitchen is a little gem in Paco. The meal we had made the distance and the traffic well
    worth it. 

  7. Boracay


  8. Appenzell

    I liked the flowers, I liked the houses, l Iiked the little stores and I loved the hot chocolate. What’s not to like? 


  9. Sun

    It was rainy and dark today, so I wanted to post something that reminded me of sun and fun. haha.

    I used to go to Subic a lot with my parents as my dad loved the steak shop there. But it was one day in December when I actually saw a different side of Subic. 

    We rode a boat and 30 minutes later there it was: clear blue waters and an island. I never imagined that Subic would have something like that. All in all, it was a gorgeous day. :) 


  10. Schloss Hohenshchwangau

    I liked him. He answered all my questions and smiled when I asked if I could take his picture. 

    My parents and I look for castles to visit whenever we go to Europe. They’re very pretty, have lots of history and we just don’t have too many castles in the Philiipines. I think we actually just have one (Malacanang Palace). 

    Hohenschwangau was one beautiful castle. But then again, most of the museums/castles I saw in Germany were beautiful. 

    I know there aren’t many pictures of the castle in this post, I realize I didn’t take much, I don’t really remember why. Will try to look for more pictures, hopefully I find more. 

    Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend. :)