1. Pottering in Cornerstone

    I love trying out new things, and pottering has always been something that I have wanted to try. So when a friend of mine invited me to celebrate her birthday at Cornerstone in Tagaytay, I got really excited.

    Pottering is definitely something I would want to do again. It’s something that will take your mind of things as making something on the wheel demands a person’s full attention. If a finger is out of place it immediately reflects on your work.

    So for a good 30 minutes, the only things I thought about were how I would “center” my work and how to steady my fingers.

    I highly recommend this. Maybe we’ll see each other there next time!


  2. Appenzell

    I liked the flowers, I liked the houses, l Iiked the little stores and I loved the hot chocolate. What’s not to like? 


  3. Neuschwanstein Castle

    If I were a princess I would want to live in Versailles, but I would have chosen Neuschwanstein as my summer house. I loved how secluded it was plus it had a toilet  bathroom. 

    Going up to the castle was hard, it took us around 20 minutes on foot to get there. I suddenly pitied the other asian girls I saw earlier who were in heels.

    After the 20 minute walk and all the complaints in my head we finally reached the bridge across the castle and I saw how beautiful it was from afar. 

    Upon getting there, I forgot about all my complaints because the castle was really something to see. I got in line and fell in love with the tour guide’s accent all the while thinking, how lucky I was to be there. 


  4. Schloss Hohenshchwangau

    I liked him. He answered all my questions and smiled when I asked if I could take his picture. 

    My parents and I look for castles to visit whenever we go to Europe. They’re very pretty, have lots of history and we just don’t have too many castles in the Philiipines. I think we actually just have one (Malacanang Palace). 

    Hohenschwangau was one beautiful castle. But then again, most of the museums/castles I saw in Germany were beautiful. 

    I know there aren’t many pictures of the castle in this post, I realize I didn’t take much, I don’t really remember why. Will try to look for more pictures, hopefully I find more. 

    Anyways, I hope you guys have a great weekend. :) 


  5. On the way to FUN!! : December,2011

    Experimenting with my editing applications. :)


  6. Schaffhausen, 2009


  7. Bayon Temple, Siem Reap

    Bayon was one beautiful temple. The first one I saw during our trip to Siem Reap. I find that most of my pictures from this temple have so much character that it’s so hard to choose which ones to put on the blog. 

    Either way, here are some of my favorites.